“I just wanted to let you know how useful your first aid training came in use today! I treated and helped a young boy with a slightly open fracture in the streets on the way home from work! Without your training I would have been clueless!
It was so nerve racking for me to help especially as a first aid kit wasn’t available so we couldn’t support the wound!
I can’t think of any reason for more people to not be aware of first aid! Thankyou so much”

Emergency First Aid at Work

"Many thanks for providing this training. I have received good feedback from our lads who all seemed to enjoy the day and found it very useful. (Name withheld) actually had to put some of what he learnt into practice the following day when his neighbour collapsed so good timing."
"Was an amazing course with lots of knowledge provided."
"Felt the course was run really well and got everybody involved."

Paediatric First Aid

"Jayne is a fantastic trainer. Great pace. Allows for various learning needs to be met. Superb variety of learning resources to accommodate needs and support learning. A highly enjoyable and relaxed course."
"Having already completed first aid courses in the past, this one ha been really well delivered and was an enjoyable two days."
"Fantastic paediatric first aid course. Jayne’s delivery of the course was very interesting and informative. She teaches her subject with a passion. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. Thank you Jayne."

Re-start a Heart Day at Lincoln College

"Thank you for a great training event for both staff and students."
"Really enjoyed today, my learners are really proud to be potential life-savers!"

Basic Life Support with safe use of an AED

"A big thank you to Jayne for great first aid training today."

Parent First Aid

"Highly recommended, everyone should have some first aid qualification, you never know when you may need it, thank you Jayne for everything you taught me."
"Jayne comes highly recommended, is approachable and fantastic at what she does."

Mini Medics

"I went to Mini Medics because I like helping people. It was a lot of fun and I’d definitely do it again."
"We learnt lots of skills that we might need to use one day."
"The idea of Mini Medics sounded interesting because it meant that I’d be able to help those who needed it."
"Thank you for everything! It has been a fantastic experience for all of the children!"

First Aid at Work

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, really feel like I learnt a lot over the 3 days. Jayne was fab at keeping us engaged, making it fun whilst also getting across the seriousness of situations."

First Aid for Mental Health

"Sensitively addressed some very challenging topics, which covered what we needed to know, yet also covered in an effective, and manageable way."
H. J.
"It was a great training opportunity with some really good case studies / real life scenario examples. Thank you!"